DeFi’s dark horse in lending ——BDMProtocol

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DeFi , decentralized finance , will be the most important track for blockchain in the future .DeFi advanced all the way in the impetuous state of the huge market prospects behind DeFi .BDMProtocol moves into the lending field for DeFi and became a global dark horse .

BDMProtocol: blockchain world “Ant Financial Services Group”

BDMProtocol is a global open financial application platform based on blockchain and crypto currency . The BDM ecosystem covers financial services , cultural entertainment , IP copyright , Internet of Things , sharing economy and other scenarios .

The BDM development team is committed to reshaping the global financial ecology with blockchain technology , building BDMProtocol projects , and creating DeFi ecological agreements and encrypted asset value investment entrance .At the same time , the self – developed BDMProtocol protocol creates more practical functions for BDM DAPP applications , such as the realization of safe and efficient clearing and payment system , P2P exchange , supply chain logistics , personal or institutional identity certification , evidence retention , automatic execution of intelligent contracts , etc .

On the basis of BDMProtocol, the development team also builds incentive side chains, issues BDM certificates, opens up the DeFi financial ecology through the circulation of certificates, solves the problems of currency cross-border circulation and currency exchange, and realizes high value circulation in the scenarios of pledge lending, liquidity mining, contract trading, and decentralized exchanges. BDM tokens are supported by the DeFi model and BDMProtocol agreement, and are committed to driving the landing of blockchain technology in the financial field and the real business field, enabling the innovative financial business ecosystem in the era of value internet.

Nirvana Rebirth ——DeFi Lending

DeFi field has experienced a climax fade, BDM strong circle so that DeFi lending Nirvana rebirth, again ushered in a highlight. Different from IPFS,BDMProtocol, we focus on solving the pain points of the industry :(1) ownership of data ;(2) lack of trust ;(3) complex chain, asymmetric allocation of resources and information.

 Based on the experience accumulated in the fields of block chain, finance, technology investment and so on, BDM endorse and develop the team with strong strength to aim at the pain point, take the initiative to attack, reshape the global financial ecology to build the DeFi ecological protocol and encrypt the asset value investment entrance, and realize the financial value system of decentralization finance and reliable and transparent assets on the chain.

BDMProtocol: the Value and Interaction Model of the Financial World

BDMToken is the only value circulation certificate in the BDMProtocol ecosystem, which will undertake the mission of building DeFi ecology with everyone. A total circulation of 21 million, to the DeFi’s pioneer bitcoin.

 The transfer destruction mechanism has now been added to the BDM. For each chain transfer interaction ,0.1 per cent of the transfer amount will be destroyed automatically, and more deflation mechanisms will be added BDM the future, which will enable the formation of a 100 per cent aggregate liquidity mining pattern. The BDM has a very rich pool for users and investors to choose from, including:

 (1) Social mining: inviting friends to join the BDM ecological BDM to obtain

 (2) LP mining: participation in mobile mining BDM obtained

 (3) Borrowing and mining: BDM to deposit and borrow money

 BDM cater to the decentralized scene to add the elements of social motivation, increase the invitation pool of play, can activate the enthusiasm of user participation, create a defi application system for everyone to share and participate in.

BDMProtocol Target —— creates a trillion – level DeFi infrastructure platform

There is no doubt that the BDMProtocol’s first lending and social agreements will be an unprecedented financial creation and a leader in block chain DeFi. As a completely decentralized DeFi platform, BDM can have both decentralized security and credibility and high performance of keeping millions of transactions concurrent.

 Therefore, in the field of finance, BDM will be an important prerequisite for the construction of DeFi distributed financial system and the landing of commercial payment.

 BDM the application of financial scenarios to reshape the value and interaction model of the financial world. BDM’s biggest project highlights are:

 (1) Improve liquidity, project cold start.

 (2) Connected value island, promote price discovery.

 (3) Free and open API game applications, BDMProtocol protocol development Dapps, the game industry trades with users through BDM tokens.

 (4) Unified transaction and exchange based on BDM tokens, TOKEN conversion and transaction across different business games and products.

 Looking forward to the future, we BDM move forward, integrate many industries, organize multilingual platforms, carry out cooperative operation of global business, create a trillion-level DeFi infrastructure platform, and actively promote the online plan of overseas BDM. BDM is not a speculative success of the “flash in the pan “, but a steady road to the king, BDM will lay a leading glory, hand in hand with global aspirations to share wealth feast!

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