Krishnamani Kannan’s ability to transform the world through firm leadership was celebrated by Passion Vista

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Passion Vista takes immense pride in showcasing the remarkable success stories of some of India’s most distinguished and influential leaders who have become a beacon of perseverance and outstanding zeal. Their exceptional qualities, unwavering dedication, superlative personal and far-reaching influence truly make them worlds apart. The eagerly awaited “Most Admired Global Indians 2023” issue embodies this spirit by presenting the inspiring journeys of these exceptional individuals who have received resounding acclaim worldwide. We are thrilled to share their stories of passion and achievement with you.

In the realm of innovation and business prowess, Krishnamani Kannan stands as an exemplar of excellence, a maven who has carved an extraordinary path to success. His journey commenced as a spirited engineer, delving into technology as a web developer, a phase that laid the foundation for his remarkable ascent. Through the ebbs and flows of his career spanning over two decades, he ventured into diverse roles, including project management and business analysis, amassing a treasure trove of evergreen skills like leadership, communication, and technical acumen. Krishnamani’s impact extended across global titans such as Standard Chartered, Citibank, and Aviva Health Insurance, where his indomitable spirit orchestrated meaningful transformations.

Krishnamani’s metamorphosis wasn’t confined to the corporate world. As a restaurateur, he recognized the gaping void in food delivery services, a realization that germinated into the seed of an idea. Thus, the inception of  – a platform that ventured beyond boundaries. It not only delivers culinary delights but also packages treasures to the doorsteps of countless patrons. Its inception heralded an era of customer-centricity, where transparency and seamless support became the hallmarks of the experience.

An unswerving devotee to balance, Krishnamani adeptly waltzes through the intricate choreography of life’s challenges. His secret lies in the mastery of prioritization, effective communication, and prudent time management. Armed with a resilient resolve, he seamlessly navigates the intricate tapestry of both personal and professional spheres, exuding an air of calm amidst the storm.

The crucible of Krishnamani’s drive is his insatiable appetite for business. It’s a fervent flame that propels him to unearth new vistas, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s feasible. The pulsating rhythm of the business world exhilarates him, a symphony of challenges that he conducts with finesse and finesse. Fuelled by the intoxicating cocktail of ambition and growth, he exudes an unwavering passion to innovate, to learn, and to etch an indelible mark on the canvas of entrepreneurship.

Krishnamani’s contribution to fortify the economy stands resolute. As Vice-Chairman of SSACCI (SINGAPORE SOUTH ASIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY), he forges connections between Singapore based startups and the global arena. Beyond borders, his investments are driven by a desire to catalyze positive change, fostering economic growth that reverberates across Singapore and the world.

Strengths are his bedrock, each a brick in the formidable edifice of his success. His ethic is unassailable, his perseverance unwavering. Krishnamani’s organizational acumen propels him to orchestrate intricate symphonies of tasks punctuated by eloquent communication and adept leadership. Admittedly, there are chinks in this armor – self-criticism that can hinder progress and the occasional burden of over-commitment.

Krishnamani Kannan, acclaimed as a visionary luminary in the food delivery domain, was recently honored with the prestigious Visionary Entrepreneur title by the Pride of Nation Award & Conclave 2023, presented in collaboration with Outlook Magazine. At this distinguished event, Krishnamani engaged with fellow co-founders, drawing inspiration from their journeys and ideas while also witnessing around 22 of his esteemed peers from diverse sectors being recognized.

Adding to his laurels, Krishnamani was further acknowledged with the International Achievers award at the renowned Golden Pinnacle Awards, held under the auspices of the Indian Achievers Forum in Dubai. During this momentous occasion, Krishnamani had the honor of presenting the transformative journey of, the innovative Singapore-based delivery platform co-founded by him.

Krishnamani Kannan invites us to seize life with both hands, to etch our own stories of success. As he navigates the nexus of entrepreneurship and altruism, his tale is a beacon of inspiration of passion, purpose, and perseverance. To know more about Krishnamani, check or to nominate email, [email protected]

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